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Using G Suite for Education

Using G Suite for Education

Erasmus+ Course Overview

This course is intended for anyone with a desire to increase their proficiency in using technology in the classroom. You will practice necessary skills to be able to use e-learning platforms to run online courses and produce a sample e-lesson according to your background.

Course Methodology

The course is structured into 14 different training modules, each of which covers a different aspect of using blended learning in either a traditional classroom or an online setting. Coursework contains a mix of theoretical and practical knowledge, allowing you to interact with the blended learning systems in a hands-on way.


Module 01 – Introduction to GSFE
Module 02 – Google Classroom – teacher and student point of view
Module 03 – Saving in Cloud – Google Drive as a storage
Module 04 – Working in Cloud – Google Drive as a cloud data editor
Module 05 – Communication in Cloud
Module 06 – Colaborating in Cloud
Module 07 – Creating course in Google Classroom
Module 08 – Blended learning in Google Classroom
Module 09 – Adding activities to Course
Module 10 – Testing and Grading in Google Classroom
Module 11 – Individual projects – creating a lesson in Google Classroom
Module 12 – Presentation of individual project, feedback
Module 13 – Introduction to Google Sites
Module 14 – Individual projects in Google Sites
Guided City Tour

Learning outcomes

  • Gain skills and knowledge necessary to create and implement e-learning platforms, incorporate digital technologies into educational lessons with regards to interdisciplinary approach.
    • Generate ready‐to‐use materials and practical ideas, support school or organisational development in the field of E-learning
    • Support open educational resources (OER) and open learning environment in education, promote collaboration between educational sectors including disadvantaged learners.
    • Develop key competences such as digital skills, critical thinking through media and e-literacy, promote use of ICT to enhance quality and relevance of mainstream education at all levels.
    • Revise and develop personal and professional competences, build confidence in promoting innovative and active pedagogies responsive to social and cultural diversity.
    • Gain broader understanding of practices, policies and systems of education of different countries, cultivate mutual respect, intercultural awareness and embed common educational and training values.
    • Meet colleagues of different nationalities within the EU, engage in cross-cultural learning experience, exchange ideas and build a network for future international cooperation.
    • Enrich communication skills, improve foreign language competencies, broaden professional vocabulary and promote EU’s broad linguistic diversity.

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Length of the Course
One and Two Weeks.
1 Week 350 Euro \ Participant
2 Week 700 Euro \ Participant
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